Whithaugh Memories

The early days

It all started with a single minibus from Sunderland, joining the holiday with others from around the country, but within a few years we had a number of coaches dropping off people from all over the North East and we took over the whole site, quickly filling close to 200 places year after year!

The initial cost of Whithaugh 1991/2 was £89, as it was a national holiday and lasted for 7 days. When Sunderland Hillview Crusaders took over in 1993 the holiday was shortened to Monday-Friday and cost only £45. Over the years the cost increased very little: the cost in 2015 was only £80!

Who has been?

We’ve had many groups over the years – not just from the UK, but people from all over the world including Poland, Lithuania, Mexico, Germany … and Sunderland!

We had a quick count, and there’s been over 2000 different campers and leaders over the years, 4000 in total year on year … that’s a lot of people! And we still know them all by name!

Number of people


Chance of Rain!

Total Days

Amazing Experience

Whithaugh General Knowledge!


Teams over the Years

Each year at Whithaugh there was a different theme to the holiday. Can you remember the theme for the years that you attended?


Whithaugh Teams
1991 – Scottish 2004 – Grease
1992 – Scottish 2005 – Australian
1993 – Scottish 2006 – Super Heroes
1994 – American Football 2007 – James Bond
1995 – Gladiators 2008 – Wild West
1996 – Wild West 2009 – Pirates
1997 – Star Trek 2010 – Disney
1998 – Scottish 2011 – Celebration
1999 – Star Wars 2012 – Olympics
2000 – International 2013 – Cartoons
2001 – Hollywood 2014 – Movies
2002 – Pirates 2015 – Star Wars
2003 – 1970’s

Whithaugh General Knowledge!

Worship over the Years

Over the past 25 years the following band/worship leaders have been at Whithaugh:

Whithaugh Worship Leaders
Paul Rush YFriday
Graham Ord Dependance
Ian Rutherford SuperHero
Mike Fitton The Steels
Sue Rinaldi Bean Baker Band
Patrick Reagan & XLP
Whithaugh Speakers

..and the following Speakers:

Paul Rush, Graeme Ord, Graham Stamford, Dave Glover, Steve Holloway, Sue Rinaldi, Phil Glover, Steve Riley, Patrick Reagan, Mark Ritchie, Gavin Calver, Andy Frost, Kris Rogers, Jamie Hill, Jon Burns, Phil Hulks, Matt Summerfield and Roy Crowne.

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