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We arranged a week at Whithaugh every year from 1991-2015 – an amazing 25 years! We want to thank everyone who attended Whithaugh in those years and helped make the week a success.

We have had both a blessed and amazing time at Whithaugh over the past 25 years and met some truly amazing young people during this time. If you want to share your experience of Whithaugh then please get in touch and meet up with some old friends.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed so generously towards a gift in recognition of our 25 years putting on Whithaugh. Thank you all so much”

Norman & Pam.


Plates Washed!!

25 Years

A Crusaders (later Urban Saints) summer holiday has been held at Whithaugh Park during late August for the past 25 years, from 1991 to 2015.

4000 People

It was organised and funded by Sunderland Hillview Crusaders and, over the years, about 4,000 leaders and campers attended from all over the country.

What was on?

Each year at Whithaugh we had over 20 activities to choose from, including Kayaking, Abseiling, Raft Building, Archery, Unihoc, Fencing, Football … and of course Badge Making!


Were you there?

Were you someone who attended one of these special holidays? Send us a photo, share a memory, or just get in touch to let us know what you thought of Whithaugh!

Whithaugh Park

Breaking News ... We are planning a Whithaugh Reunion!

Keep watching this space for more information!

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Photo Galleries

We're adding a lot of Team Photos to the Photo Gallery page, click this link to see if you can find yourself!

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Whithaugh DVDs

If you want a copy of the Whithaugh 2015, DVD then please get in touch. We can also supply copies of previous Whithaugh holidays, going back to 2007 (this is when we started using digital DVD in place of VHS Video) The cost is £5.

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“I loved my time at Whithaugh and I’m proud that my team managed to win ‘Team of the Year’ almost every year…”

Bill Burlison

An impressive run - 1993-2015

“The judges for ‘Team of the Year’ have been made aware of unsportsman-like conduct from a certain Mr Burlison, and a full review will be taking place…”

Martin Bolt

A pretty good run - 1996-2015

“Can I be in Bill’s Team next year?!”

Ossie Masters

A walking pace - 2005-2015

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

-- Philippians 4:13

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