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Welcome to the official Urban Saints / Crusaders Whithaugh Park Christian youth website!

Crusaders Whithaugh Park 2014 will run for 5 days this summer - from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd August 2014. Think it all looks very expensive? The cost is still only a bargain £80! Get your forms in soon to reserve your space!! Need a brochure? Ask your youth leader for one, or go to our Contact page for more info.

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Whithaugh Park Crusaders holiday




Whithaugh Intro

This year will be the 24th year that we have organised a holiday at Whithaugh Park and (as ever) we aim to make it the best one yet!

Don't have your forms yet? Let us know! Haven't paid your deposit yet? Do it soon or you might miss your place at Whithaugh 2014!

Whithaugh latest news

Whithaugh 2014 - Application forms for Whithaugh 2014 have been sent out and copies of the application forms can be downloaded from the Forms page now!

The Whithaugh DVD! The DVD of Whithaugh 2013 is being edited and will be sent out soon to everyone who ordered a copy.

Loved it so much you want to bring along your friends?! Great! Get in touch with Norman & Pam and we'll send out the forms to your youth leader or yourt friend's parents! Let us know who you want to bring along and we can do our best to make sure you're in the same cabin.